Accounting services

UAB “JA&CH konsultacijos” stands for classic accounting services in Kaunas, tax and financial advice for businesses and special solutions customised to the specific needs of each company. Advice is offered in face-to-face meetings, by telephone or other means of communication, while accounting services are available remotely. We prepare a package of services that meet the company’s needs. Such a package may include accounting for the company, payroll calculations, keeping HR records or other desired services. Our accounting services are rendered in accordance with the Law on Financial Reporting by Undertakings and the Law on Accounting. They are provided in a transparent and high quality manner and they comply with all Business Accounting Standards. In Lithuania, accounting services and advice are offered regardless of the legal form of the company:

  • For private limited liability companies (UAB);
  • For small partnerships (MB);
  • For sole proprietorships (IĮ);
  • For self-employment under a licence (IV), etc.

Based on the many years of experience that we have, we offer advice and guidance on how to make certain accounting, financial or corporate business processes more efficient. We cooperate with a number of partners. Hence, we can offer advice on corporate financing, loan portfolio optimisation, leasing or other financing/refinancing matters. We help the customer’s company make the best decision and obtain the top result from it.
Since we are an international firm, we render accounting services and provide advice on tax and business issues in Estonia and Finland. We collaborate with companies that are planning to launch or expand their business in these countries (the services are offered in the Estonian, Russian, Finnish or English languages):

  • In Estonia: private limited liability companies (OÜ), public limited liability companies (AS), self-employed persons (FIE), partnerships of multi-family houses (KÜ), non-profit associations (MTÜ), and foundations (SA).
  • In Finland: private limited liability companies (OY), private traders (toiminimi), and housing companies (taloyhtiö).

JA&CH konsultacijos does accounting in Kaunas. We help find solutions to even the most complex accounting cases as we have knowledge in how to do accounts correctly. We help prevent problems that arise from neglected accounts by doing the books correctly. We help manage complex situations and offer advice during tax inspections. It is important for us that our customers’ records would give a true view in their financial statements.

To ensure the safety of our customer (corporate) data, we use state-of-the art IT systems with high level of security. Therefore, our customer data are protected in accordance with the most stringent security standards.

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Outsourced accounting services or an in-house accountant?

Accounting is a key area of a company’s business; yet it generates considerable costs. It is not easy to hire a truly competent accountant that would not only have sound knowledge in the principles of accounting, but would also be able to provide advice and guidelines and offer individual basic solutions. One of the reasons behind this is that the costs of having such an employee would exceed those of having an ordinary accountant in terms of wages. Another reason is that one person would simply not have enough resources to do the job, which could potentially impede the quality of their work. It goes without saying that correct and orderly accounting is key. Incorrect records of documents or financial transactions may, indeed, lead to more or less detrimental implications on the successful operations of a company or may be followed by temporary or ongoing distrust. Financial returns and statements not being filed at all or filed late result in the costs relating to penalties and default interest. Smooth arrangements for the corporate finances may also require a Finance Manager and a Chief Financial Officer in place to take care of the organisational matters. Yet again, this leads to increasing costs.

Accounting companies, in conjunction with their teams, offer integrated accounting services and have a few advantages:

  • Fees. The fee you pay for the services depends on the volume of accounting documents, the number of employees and other factors;
  • Quality. You get high quality at a reasonable price;
  • Additional advice. You get professional advice in real time;
  • A company offering bookkeeping services does no go off sick or on holiday and it does not require any additional motivation or promotions.

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All legal units accounting, payroll, personnel, agricultural companies accounting.



Professional business consultancy, brokerage, fundraising, loan portfolios, leasing and more.


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Establishment of UAB, MB, IĮ and other legal forms, preparation of documents, mediation and consulting.



Invoice automation for large or medium sized businesses generating large volumes of accounting documents.