Accounting is a complex and responsible process. We help our customers achieve success by offering unique and high quality services.

Our accounting services and advice include:

  • Accounting for small partnerships (MB);
  • Accounting for private limited liability companies (UAB);
  • Accounting for enterprises of different legal forms: sole proprietorships (IĮ), public enterprises (VšĮ) and agricultural companies;
  • Payroll.

In addition, our partners also offer accounting services and advice to businesses in Estonia and Finland.

We offer the following accounting services to businesses: from record-keeping of source documents to preparing financial statements in accordance with the accounting principles enshrined in the laws of the Republic of Lithuania:

  • Processing of source documents (petty cash fund, banking, procurement, sales);
  • Accounts of fixed and current assets;
  • Accounts of inventories and fuel;
  • Stock write-off;
  • Payroll and accounts of holiday pay and other salary-related payments;
  • HR record-keeping;
  • Imprest account;
  • Accounts of the general ledger and other books;
  • Reports;
  • Submission of monthly and annual returns to Sodra and the State Tax Inspectorate;
  • Preparing other periodic financial documents and reports to the company manager, banks, leasing companies and other bodies;
  • Other necessary bookkeeping operations;
  • Preparing financial statements.

Have you bought or taken over a company with neglected accounts? This does not intimidate us. We also do the accounts for neglected companies subsequently taking over of the process continuity or we can undertake one-off accounting sessions for neglected companies to allow your financial officer to continue with ‘clean’ and true accounts. We carry out all necessary accounting operations for past periods:

  • Managing missing documents and records;
  • Preparing and submitting missing financial statements and returns;
  • Correcting incorrect or false records;
  • Other necessary bookkeeping operations;
  • Preparing financial statements.

If you do not know how to do accounts for a small partnership or, perhaps, you have never encountered it before and you are interested in how to do accounts, contact us to get answers to all accounting related questions and top notch advice!

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