Accounting, tax and financial consultations for small partnerships (MB) and private limited liability companies (UAB)

Thanks to many years of professional experience, our financial and business consultants have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of fields making our business consultations professional and comprehensive. Initial accounting and tax consultations as well as financial consultations may be given by telephone, as opposed to depth-in consulting, which is offered in face-to-face meetings with corporate executives or other representatives of the Finance Department.

Financial consulting

Financial consultations are offered on the following matters:

  • Finding new funding sources for business development;
  • Finding alternative funding sources;
  • Optimising loan portfolio;
  • Consulting on refinancing matters;
  • Analysis of financial flows;
  • Working capital management;
  • Financial statements;
  • We offer financial intermediary services with banks and state authorities for businesses
  • Other business consulting on financial matters.

Tax consulting

Tax consulting and services are offered on the following matters:

  • Calculating payroll and related payments, such as holiday pay, redundancies, daily subsistence allowances, etc.;
  • Payroll;
  • Tax returns to the State Tax Inspectorate:

    • Personal income tax returns;
    • Corporate income tax returns;
    • Real estate and other tax returns.
  • Refund of excess VAT where the business is short of working capital:

    • Refund of excess tax for foreign workers;
    • Other consultations on tax matters.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services

CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is an equivalent to the director of the Finance Department in Lithuanian. This post is often created in large companies, where accounting and finance cover extensive financial flows and there is a considerable Accounts Department in the company to keep its financial records. Nonetheless, the CFO services are also required by small companies, which need to have their financial accounts coordinated, also cooperation in additional fundraising, involvement in cash flow planning, working capital management and consultations on how to use them in routine business effectively.

Our CFO services can also be offered to such companies, which have a permanent person engaged in the CFO function, but the need for such services is temporary where there is an ongoing selection process to a new position, the permanent employee has gone on parental leave or simply where there is a need to quickly contain a certain situation in the company’s financial processes.