Advanced automated invoice scanning and data capture

UAB “JA&CH konsultacijos” offers an invoice automation system. It is about automated recognition and processing of the data on accounting documents. The system is designed for large companies with very large flows of accounting documents to optimise their processes and reduce the likelihood of human errors when processing documents manually.

Speed up invoice processing

We use an advanced system aimed at purchase invoice automation that lets shorten invoice approval times significantly by creating a straightforward touchless experience. With this system, the invoice processing time may be reduced to 7 days, and, in particular cases, down to less than 2 days.

Advantages of automated invoice processing:

  • Competitive advantage;
  • Improved payment deadlines for suppliers;
  • Positive credit history;
  • Timely and accurate closing of accounting periods;
  • True data in financial statements.

Invoice recognition and data collection

The system that we offer gives access to state-of-the-art software for scanning and intelligently capturing the invoice data. It allows to digitise and import data in a uniform format according to the customer’s wishes, regardless of the form used by the sellers for their invoices (hard copies, pdf, email, xml or other format).

Our invoicing data recognition system stands out in the following respects:

  • Best scanning and intelligent invoice data collection software available on the market;
  • Powerful, accurate and comprehensive data collection that enables top quality automated invoice processing and reporting;
  • A digital archive of supplier invoices that guarantees a transparent process: accurate financial data kept up to date on an ongoing basis;
  • Data recognition system and invoice approval process in a single system.

Identification of invoices based on purchase orders

Purchase invoice automation is a process that allows automating the invoice input into the system and their approval. It is no longer necessary to manually verify the invoice against its purchase order or search and compare the data of each line in the invoice. The system that we use allows to:

  • Automatically verify incoming invoice lines with the purchase order items on the ERP system;
  • Ensure high level of touchless processing;
  • Quickly identify and review discrepancies, thereby significantly improving document approval times;
  • Easily identify process issues by scrutinising detailed analysis reports.

Automated coding and approval of expenditure invoices

This advanced system automatically allocates expenditure invoices for the review and approval of the responsible persons. Based on the approval hierarchy of your organisation, the system allows to easily configure a solution that matches your organisational structure and policies, including setting restrictions on approval values.

The system lets automatically code invoices using coding templates that automatically fill out the invoice containing the code used for the same supplier in a previous invoice and send the invoice to the responsible person with no intervention of the staff from the Accounts Department.

You can perform invoice approvals anywhere anytime

Your team can easily and quickly approve invoices using a mobile solution with the fact that the staff are at their desk or travelling making no difference whatsoever. The designated invoice approver receives a notification by email when there are invoices assigned for their approval. By a single simple click in the email, the approver can easily log into the system to review and approve the invoices. Where a mobile solution is used, there is no need to download anything. Simply click in the email and log in using the browser of your mobile device. Since the system is on the cloud, you can access it at any time of the day anywhere in the world.

The mobile solution gives full access to purchases and invoices just as using a desktop platform. The only difference is that you do not need to be at your computer or in the office.

Invoice automation helps improve process efficiency, shorten document approval times and optimise the company’s costs.