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UAB “JA&CH konsultacijos” is part of the CH Konsultatsioonid corporate group which provides international accounting services as well as financial and tax advice services for businesses and operates in Lithuania. Our customers range from small start-ups to large companies.

The strength of our company lies in over 10 years of expert experience in financial accounting across different countries and knowledge of tax systems and business laws through cooperation with a variety of companies in Lithuania, Estonia and Finland. This long-standing experience lets us offer full and professional advisory services relating to incorporation as well as tax and financial matters in the above-mentioned countries. Having a good understanding of the laws applicable in an individual country, we provide our services to companies that are planning to launch or develop their business not only in the Lithuanian, but also Estonian or Finnish markets. We help new companies solve their accounting, tax or fundraising issues in these countries.

Our advantage lies in the advice on international accounting, tax systems and other financial advice for businesses in the Estonian, Russian, Finnish and English languages.

Jurgita Adomaitienė, a co-owner and the manager of UAB “JA&CH konsultacijos”, is a financial expert in business-related matters in Lithuania.

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Co-owner and the manager , Jurgita Adomaitienė

Jurgita Adomaitienė holds a Master’s degree in accounting and finance and has over 20 years of professional experience in finance. She has worked with business customers in banking advising them, addressing business credit issues, fundraising, analysing corporate finances and helping companies implement their new business plans for over 15 years. Later she worked for Lithuanian and foreign capital manufacturing enterprises, where she was responsible for the operations of their financial and accounting departments, standardisation and optimisation of corporate and financial processes, coordinating routine processes ranging from inputting source documents and filing tax returns to the implementation of financial statements, and for the optimisation of the manufacturing enterprise’s stock records. She has been continuously involved in the improvement of her knowledge of the International Accounting Standards and gained extensive experience in international finance and taxation.

Today, the above wealth of her experience lets her offer high quality accounting services and full advice on the matters related to the financing of business development, analyse and anticipate obstacles, and provide customers with unique services in Lithuania.

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